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What is Form IMM 5406E?

Form IMM 5406E is called the Additional Family Information Form. All members of the family who accompany the primary applicant to Canada and the primarly applicant himself must complete this form. All applicants must be over 18 years old. If you travel to this country for less than a half of a year and you do not need visa for that, you are not required to file this form.

What is Form IMM 5406E for?

This form is a part of the whole application package which is required if you need to immigrate to Canada and obtain a status of a temporary resident (student, visitor or worker) or a permanent resident. The form is an instrument for you to provide the details about your family. It is important to decide whether you are admissible to Canada or not. For security, financial or health reasons you may be considered inadmissible and your application may be rejected.

When is Form IMM 5406E Due?

You personally decide when you need to enter Canada and stick to that date. The form does not have a certain due date that must be followed by applicants.

Is IMM 5406E Form Accompanied by Other Forms?

To know if you need some additional documents, contact the Canada Immigration Center as the set of documents that must be attached may differ.

What Information do I Include in Form IMM 5406E?

The form has four sections: A, B, C and D. In Section A you must indicate the following information: name, relationship (applicant, spouse or common-law partner, mother or father), date of birth, marital status, present address and e-mail. Section B is devoted to the information about children and Section C requires the details about brothers and sisters. Section D is called the Certification and you prove there that all information is correct.

Where do I Send Form IMM 5406E?

When you have completed the form, send it to the Canada Immigration Center for consideration.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing imm 5406
Instructions and Help about imm 5406 06 2019 form

hello friends welcome back for another video I hope all of you are doing good so in this video I am going to explain you how to fill family information form I am m-files at five seven zero seven just for your example I only have already have filled this form so I can give you the example so let's start with beginning the main int instructor in this instruction they have advise you to fill this form in English language and in your native language so for example if you have for Middle East then you have to fill this form in English and in Arabic language if you are from China you have to fill this form in Mandarin and Canton are Cantonese if they're from India then you have to fill in this form in English and Hindi and if you're from Pakistan then you have to fill this form in English and Urdu language so let's start let's that's the main point now let's start with the first which is the applicant they are asking you to fill applicants name and in this case I just have mentioned immigrant immigration advice this is just for reference just to write your name as applicant then I do date of birth year and month and place of birth or country of birth and mention your address and your current occupation next is this field we'll keep it plain for applicant because if you are applicant then no need to fill this field next is your spouse name just write your spouse name here then date or date of birth and country but country of birth next is your spouse address I also have just to make it for a reference that you know exams of Everest should be like this and your spouse's current occupation the next is your mother's name your mother date of birth and country of birth also your mother's address your mother's current address and your there's current occupation in spouse and in mother or in the father's will you can means that if they are coming with you you just need to mention it do you know yes or no if your spouse is coming then you just need to click yes you see your spouse is not is not coming then please select no the same thing with same thing with your parents you know they are coming with you then you need to click here otherwise no and the last field is to just write your father's name date of birth and country of birth and your father's current address and current occupation and at the last just if you are filling one line no need to sign this form then fill the date and go to next section next section is for children if you help kids then please write your kids name the relationship is it son or daughter your month and date of birth and country of birth then marital status if it's single married and then same as spouse and parents that you need to mention present and address and present occupation and also if your kids are coming with you then you just need to mention here yes or no that's it in just sign here right date again sign here and right date just for information...